Various Companies

We talked to a significant number of companies (distributors/installers) and looked at even more brands
They key was to find a Window Distributor/Installer that could access the brands we wanted for our unique home situation and we were not limited to just their particular line.

Distributor/Installer: Ultra Windows: 281-444-2299  Ultra does an additional insulation to the opening prior to inserting the window along with the traditional sealing and caulking that others also do. (particularly on a brick home)

Window types installed:  All brands are double pane low-e argon gas, There are several issues with “replacing” windows within current brick framing, the over-sized windows and the “odd” shaped oval windows.. see notes included below

Don Young (713-868-1398) TB Aluminum  These provided the least amount of visible glass loss, particularly for the tall thin windows.  Other types would loose the equivalent of a whole pane of glass overall due to the width of the frames. I was also able to go to his location and see a whole large window.

NT Energy Master Windows: (Thru Ultra Windows)  These are vinyl replacement windows that due to the “over-sized” dimensions could afford the glass loss due to a vinyl frame. Additionally these are tempered glass.  (Most other company’s could either not do a window this size or would need to make it into two joined together windows which would have a wide ban down the center and again not acceptable for me.)

Champion Aluminum Windows: (Kickerillo’s original window manufacturer) Sadly, no one makes a replacement window for the dimensions of the oval windows installed by Kickerillo so we had to go back to the original manufacturer and request a double pane low-e argon gas window be made,   as I write this they are having to “re-do” their windows since Ultra found their first round unacceptable and having viewed one today agree!. Alternative is retrofit the current frame in place with a thicker but still single pane glass- still searching on this one.

I am very particular in that I did not want to see a bunch of screws or plugged screw holes in an upscale home. They would be on the inside. I highly recommend that you point blank ask the question of “will I see screws, how many and where they will be” then ask if there is an installation method to reduce it. Otherwise any company you choose will give you the standard installation and you will see them.
There are no visible screws in my Don Young Windows, and minimal non noticeable plugged holes on the massive NT window frames.