Home Modification Requests

Architectural Requirements, Standards and Procedures

Any exterior work (modification, change or addition) to Homeowner property and structures (i.e., homes and grounds, including townhomes) in Lakes of Parkway (LOP) must be approved by the Modifications Committee and the New Construction Committee (collectively, the “ARC“) before commencement of actual work.  This includes the placement, erection, or installation of any structure (e.g., swimming pool, pergola, basketball goal, water softener installation, etc.), any change, alteration, repair, or other modification to an existing structure (e.g., roof replacement, fence replacement, balcony repair, driveway repair/replacement, etc.), a major landscaping modification (e.g., tree or palm addition or removal, addition of fountain or yard ornament) and any use of a dumpster or portable toilet.  A more comprehensive list of possible modifications, changes or additions is found here.

The Architectural Requirements, Standards and Procedures have been established by the LOP Homeowners Association Board of Directors to set the minimum requirements associated with such modifications, changes or additions. Homeowners are encouraged to read and understand these requirements.

An ARC Application, Review and Approval Process has been established to facilitate approval of such modifications, changes and additions. A flow diagram available here may be used as a visual aid to understand this process.

To streamline the ARC Application Process, “packets” for twenty-three (23) possible Homeowner modifications, changes, or additions have been developed. These “packets” guide the Homeowner through the process of preparing an ARC Application and are available here.  Choose the appropriate “packet” for your project and follow the instructions within the “packet”.  In the event, the modification, change, or addition you are considering is not contained in the list of twenty-three “packets”, use the “Other” packet (i.e., no. 24).

If your project requires access to your property via M.U.D. 355 or HOA property, prior approval from the HOA or M.U.D. 355 is required. Additional information is available here.

If you have questions about whether the modification, change, or addition you are considering requires an ARC Application, please contact the LOP Property Management office (281-920-3044) or a member of the ARC.   Contact information for ARC members is contained on the Organization Chart.

As a Homeowner, it is imperative that you inform your contractor of the LOP General Requirements for Contractors and of the specific contractor requirements associated with the modification, change, or addition to be performed. These specific contractor requirements are contained in each “packet”.

An ARC Application may be rejected if it is incomplete, illegible, or not compliant with the Architectural Requirements, Standards and Procedures.  This ARC Application Rejection Flow Diagram will assist you in navigating your options for responding to a rejected application.

An ARC Application may be denied when resolution cannot be reached on a rejected ARC Application. This ARC Application Denial Flow Diagram will assist you in navigating this process if your application is denied.

Further information regarding ARC Application Rejection and Denial is found in Section 5 of the Architectural Requirements, Standards, and Procedures document.