Sub Zero Refrigerators

Note several will say they service these items but unless they are Sub-Zero Certified they will not be able to get the parts.

It is worth while calling Sub-Zero 1-800-222-7820 even if you are out of Warranty to see if” there is anything they can do” they are known to authorize replacement of some out of Warranty parts… which could save you $$$$. It is suggested you call them while the service tech is STILL at your home, as they will want to speak to them also. Nothing to loose only $$ to save.

In response to a LOPWC e-mail request for those who have already had their units serviced:

SeasonalComfort (Certified) 713-692-5151

**K&N Service (Certified)713-869-4518 Minimum Service call is $107.50

Badgeco (Certified)713-921-6408

Absolute Comfort (Certified?)

** 18 out of 26 replies used this company and were recommending them to me.