Gourmet Meals

Business: Pure Gourmet Meals

Type: Meal prep Service

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Phone: (832) 459-5336

About Pure Gourmet Meals

Lilia Juarez’s passion for cooking and the culinary arts has been growing for the last fifteen years and originated when she was only eighteen years old.  As a native Houstonian with Mexican roots, Mexican cuisine was a household staple. Many days and nights were spent in the kitchen. From cooking to family gatherings, food was always around the house. Now as a personal chef, Lilia loves residing in Houston because of its diverse cultural background; not only in the cultural sense but also in the vast array of food selection. Given the limitless cultural backdrop that blankets this beautiful city, it was important that she expand her culinary skills and recipes. Pure Gourmet Meals came to fruition by learning and adapting recipes from a wide-range of different cultures.  Initially, taking lessons from cookbooks, cooking shows, chef magazines to online recipes and cooking blogs to graduating from the Culinary Institute of Le Norte.

Pure Gourmet Meals is not only a meal prep service but a passion project to educate about the wonderful benefits of living healthy. Cooking can be a time-consuming task when life is taking place. Our goal is to deliver fresh and healthy meals made with love. We don’t believe healthy eating has to be bland. We use no preservatives, and our dishes not only look good but taste delicious. We take time and pride in every dish we make. Whether you’re working to meet a specific fitness goal, on a paleo diet (caveman diet), or if you are diabetic or just want a better and healthier meal option, you will find something in our rotating menus that will satisfy you. We deliver on Sundays to guarantee freshness.