Jose(English & Spanish): (346) 243-4827,

and his uncle, Noe Crisanto, (Spanish only): 956-800-8571

We had a wonderful experience working with Jose & Noe. They couldn’t have been more attentive and accommodating during our remodel. We had many special requests for things we wanted in the kitchen, bathrooms and even utility room.

They are meticulous and friendly professionals. It was pleasure to have them working on our house because their design expertise really made a difference. They treated our project as it was their own house, and they shared great input and ideas on daily basis. The process involved a lot of detailed decisions and they were extremely helpful when we needed to rely on their experience. The results were beyond my expectations.

If you need more details we would be happy to recommend them or share photos. They did a great job on our whole house remodel on Thicket Ridge: changed all the interior doors, large kitchen, two bathrooms, mud room, utility room & other small cabinets throughout the whole house. They are mainly interested in a medium to large cabinetry projects, they are NOT handymen for small jobs.