Board/ Committees


Kelly Brezger- Group A Term Ends: (1/1/2022)
William Schwind- Group D Term Ends: (10/30/2020)
Robert Arthur- Group F Term Ends: (1/1/2023)
Farhina Imtiaz- Group E Term Ends: (1/1/2023)
Duane Heckmann- Group C Term Ends: (1/1/2021)
Frank Reyna- Group G Term Ends: (10/30/2020)
Chris Jones- Group B Term Ends: (1/1/2022)


Architectural Review Committee – Kurt Albaugh
Reviews exterior modifications requests submitted by residents to ensure such plans are consistent with the LOP Covenants which are designed to ensure community-wide standards and preserve home values within the community.
Landscaping Committee– Mike Christensen
Develops and establishes standards and a strategic plan for maintenance of tress, flowers and LOP common areas to enhance and maintain the beauty and value of our community.
Safety Committee– Carla Galvez
Assists the Association in ensuring a safe environment for our community and residents.
Social Committee– Patricia Redman
Develops and implements a plan for social, holiday and other events for the community to further create and enhance community social interaction, enjoyment and spirit.
Tennis Committee– (Available position)
Promote the use of the courts by LOP resident families; provide an opportunity for LOP kids to learn about the sport of tennis in a safe and positive atmosphere; maintain and improve the capital, aesthetic and recreational value of our LOP Tennis Facilities for the benefit of all residents.